Thursday, January 27, 2011

How Legal Transcriptions Works?

In today’s world, practically every kind of service is available online. In the legal world too, online services plays an important role. Take the case of Legal Transcriptions for example.  

What is Legal Transcription?

Transcription in simple language means processing a spoken language to its written form. Legal transcription is the process of converting an audio legal file that has been dictated by legal professionals via a machine or the phone into its completely written form.

Working of a Legal Transcription Company

Qualified freelance transcriptionists whose services are often hired by legal professionals or firms process legal documents like hearings and petitions to name a few and their tapes. The digital dictation is then transcribed and sent back to the client within twenty four hours usually in the format preferred by the customer. A secure FTP server is used for the purpose to ensure utmost security and confidentiality.

A good Legal Transcription services company offers various benefits like reducing pressure on a company’s resources, saving precious time, reducing the effort of cataloging data by at least 50% and at the same time maintaining an accuracy of 99%. Hence, it is no surprise that they have become so popular among legal firms all over the world.